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Site Supervisors are assigned to a Summer Feeding Summer Program site that Helping Other Progress through Education non-profit sponsors and are required to stay on that site for the entire meal service. They plan and organize daily site activities and hand out meals to the children at that location.



• Attend sponsor training.

• Ensure civil rights are properly implemented.

• Ensure safe and sanitary conditions at the site. 

• Ensure the safety of food, and comply with local health and safety standards. 

• Receive and account for delivered meals 

• Stay at the site for the entire meal service.

• Ensure that children eat all meals on site 

• Inform Director or Assistant Director of field trips. 

• Have communication with the Director or Assistant Director for changes in meal service.

• Serve meals only during the assigned time period.

• Prepare and serve the meal according to State and local health and safety standards.

• Serve the children in an organized manner at mealtimes.

• Count meals at the point of service and record the number of complete meals once all components have been served.

• Count second meals separately if your sponsor allows seconds. Second meals must be served as complete units.

• Complete the daily records in a timely manner. Keep them in a safe place away from children, weather, and animals.

• Plan and organize daily site activities, including nutrition education Boredom and idleness often result in changes in attendance by the children. When this happens, you and your site are at a disadvantage.

• Implement alternate food service arrangements during inclement weather. 

• Encourage the children to try new foods

• Clean up after meals 



• Must have a GED or high school diploma.

• Must have patience and be able to relate well with children

• Strong time management skills and work ethic

• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written

• Excellent people and management skills to interact with staff, colleagues, and cross- functional teams.

• Subject to satisfactory adjudication of background investigation and/or fingerprint check.

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